Faq Manager

Custom made Jeans

You can buy a pair of ready to wear, off the peg Jeans from anywhere now-a-days. But to have a pair of handmade, custom made Jeans just for you, which fits your unique body shape is amazing! No one will have the same pair, which will make you feel a million pounds!

All the Jeans I make are created in denim that are ethically sourced from mills around the globe. The mills I use, give their workers a good living wage and their environment is the best working environment they can offer.

It has taken me years to find the best suppliers that have the same ethics as me, so I can make sure my customers are getting the best denim in their garments.

I can offer different styles and cuts that I haven’t created on here. You can contact me at stacio@dresstoundress-uk.com for any more information.

Placing an order

Your order will go through, and if you need to cancel for any reason you have 2 working days to do so. This is classed as a ‘cooling off period’. Then after this time if I will start the process of making your Jeans and the order CAN NOT BE CANCELLED.

I understand that sometimes people need to have a little time after making a purchase for a custom garment, just in case you need to cancel for any reason. So this saves me from starting your Jeans. The cooling off period is 2 working days (Monday-Saturday, excluding bank holidays) As I work alone, I pattern cut your Jeans and create them from scratch, so this saves time. Plus this is a perfect time for you to ask any questions that aren’t in my F.A.Q section.

It will take 2-3 weeks from ordering to receiving your unique custom Jeans. I will keep you up-to-date with the making process, via your email address.

Refund information

As you understand, to create a made to order pair of Jeans to your own unique size takes time, so I can only offer refunds in very unusual situations or emergencies. You can email me at stacio@dresstoundress-uk.com to have a chat if there is anything wrong with your order. The refund would be paid partially for the price of the Jeans, and not the full amount.