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Design development


The design stage of a garment is possibly my favourite stage. It is crucial to the outcome of my Jeans.

The first stage is research, which mainly involves gathering a lot of images and fabric samples…my case the more denim swatches I can get hold of, the better. With an understanding on what I want the overall look of the Jeans to be, I can choose the right colour, texture, weight, coating and the most important aspect; which mills the denim comes from.

Putting the researched images into a mood board is the next stage. Here is an example of a Men’s winter inspired trends for this year in the form of a mood board. It gives you an idea on style, colours and textures for Men’s Jeans.

  • Main colours: mangosteen and navy black

  • 1990s inspired

  • So-called ‘Dad Jeans’

  • Layering

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