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Menswear it’s at.


Now this is a story, all about how, our jeans got twisted inside out, now I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how we became specialists in Menswear.

As Fresh as our jeans are recently our lines have become blurred with what we should be doing with them.

When I first started Dress to Undress I made the decision to concentrate on Menswear. There wasn’t a lot of choice on the market, and (as the name suggests) my primary aim is to make men look good in jeans! As a woman, I feel I have a certain amount of expertise on what looks good on men…let’s call it a gut feeling!

Now, the best way to look good in any clothes, is to have them handmade for you by experts. Of course that’s where the phrase tailor-made comes from! This makes sure you’ve got precise, unique specifications that mass-producing machines will never be able to offer. So that’s what I chose to focus on, quality over quantity.

It’s always tempting though, as we’re brought up with a capitalist mindset, to move towards the cheaper expenses. Once I’d established the Dress-to-Undress brand, I actually looked at moving into manufacturing, only to be actually upset by their standards of work. It really put me off outsourcing, so now as the business grows manufacturing will always be kept in house with staff trained to my standards, by me. I was close to going to the dark side, but when I saw the light, my choice was clear.

As a designer, you have to focus on the design to establish yourself. Other aspects of the business, like marketing and distribution can take a backseat. Especially with the internet markets already available like Etsy and ASOS. That’s where I sold through initially, but more and more, they’re becoming less niched and more mainstream like eBay. 

Here’s where my problem lay. I tried to diversify with them. But unlike them Dress to Undress isn’t a household brand name. I branched out into women’s jeans to try and sway more of a female-dominated market on Etsy, as the business from there was growing stagnant. Womenswear is new to me. My entire career, from starting out dressing guys in bands to success in tailor-making jeans and distributing them to guys in LA, Tokyo, Milan…it has always been in Menswear. 

Objectively, with the gift of hindsight it seems really obvious that I should have just doubled down on Menswear and moved my marketplace elsewhere, but for a while, I didn’t. And I struggled. When your livelihood depends upon the decisions you can make, it’s hard not to play it safe and ride down the middle road. But “playing it safe” is often what kills businesses.

But now I’m back in business. Quite literally, in one sense of the word. The diversifying we’re looking at doing now is all within Menswear, but we’re looking at moving into the world of Jeans for Business. More and more people are 
realising that personalities are better than persons-in-ties. Giving a more personal, authentic look is a great way to connect with clients, where as slick as suits can look, they can also be a barrier. We’re diversifying slightly, but we’re sticking with our specialist subject.

That’s why we’ve set up our own online shop!

This gives Dress to Undress the freedom to design and market to the people who will love us the most. If you love your jeans, you love looking great, and you care about quality and ethically produced jeans, you don’t need to look anywhere else, whether you’re dressing to undress on a date, or dressing to impress in your business. We’re back in black! (and blue and grey!)

If you know you’re not going to visit our website every week to stay up-to-date with new designs, (let’s face it, no one is going to do that) follow Dress to Undress on our Instagram or facebook. We know you don’t want to spend all day scrolling through jeans, so we keep our posts to a minimum!

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