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Music Is My Radar: Wear jeans that rock!


I love Rock ‘n’ Roll! (so put another dime in the jukebox, baby!) Many of my designs are inspired by the music I listen to. It’s hard to separate fashion from music. In fact, I started out designing jeans for unsigned bands, that was my way of getting into the world I loved.

My biggest influence in the fashion business is Alexander McQueen. He broke the rules in tailoring and fashion construction. As a designer what you’ve got to know is what people feel in their hearts. I don’t design jeans for the people who want to fit in. I break the rules in Jeanswear and create a statement about the individual rather than follow the current trends.

(Have you ever noticed that the best rockstars have badass jeans? Hell, the Rolling Stones even had actual denim as part of the initial release for the Sticky Fingers album!)

So, my current designing inspiration is half Rock ‘n’ Roll, half independent individual.

You might not know that ‘indie’ music is short for independent. But there was a period when ‘indie’ was the “fashionable” thing, which was tragically ironic. When I first started the idea of Dress to Undress, I had a MySpace Page where I used a quote that I thought fitted what I wanted to achieve with bands perfectly…

A lot of bands have lost their sense of theatricality. There’s a lot you can do on stage, but most bands just stand there looking bored in bad clothes.” (Noel Fielding quote, The Guardian 2008 festivals guide)

When I was working with bands I noticed that the majority of male band members were wearing women’s tight skinny jeans because they liked the style, but they weren’t available in menswear. I created them skinny jeans that didn’t restrict their movements, because they should be jumping around and rocking the show, not shuffling around because their jeans are too tight!

You’d get tens of thousands of kids at these festivals all proclaiming to be indie, all wearing the same jeans from Topshop. The fact of the matter is that high street brands like that design stuff specifically to fit in and be on trend. They never set the trends.

It’s a shame because I understand their motivations. They just wanted to be like their idols. But the point they missed is that their idols just wanted to be themselves and do things that they wanted to do, not what other people did. If you look at Mick Jagger and think, I want to look as cool as him, you don’t buy the exact same jeans he’s wearing. You buy a pair that suit you and make you feel good about yourself. That’s what he did.

Empowering the individual and letting people express themselves just makes everyone happy. I’m glad I can play a part in that for people.

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