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Jean Genie: Designing jeans for your genes.


There are guides out there which tell you what to wear based on your body shape. Fat legs? Don’t wear skinny jeans. Skinny legs? Don’t wear relaxed fit.

Yeah, you could probably figure that out for yourself.

Let’s figure out which jeans suit your character. Because how you feel in jeans matters just as much as how you look in them. Wake up. Get Dressed. Be You. Rock World.

The Michael Caine

Do you prepare bat-mobiles as well as breakfast? Do you hold the door open for people? Tut at them as they don’t say thank you? Is saying ‘bloody’ the extent of your bad language?

Then Tapered Jeans are the cut for you.

Perfect for a taller, slim figure. They are a narrow leg, which do not really help a shorter figure, as they shorten the look of the leg. They suit a classic gentleman, and work well with any top.

The Tom Hardy

Do your friends stand behind you when they spill a drink on a bloke at the pub? Did you have a beard and a tattoo back in the days when that meant you were tough? Is being indifferent the way you attract people?

Then look no further than the Straight leg cut.

These are great for the shorter figure, as the turn-up hem helps flash a little of the wearers skin which breaks up the leg.

These represent the rebels of the 70/80s that wore the turn-ups that had little shape to the jeans.

The Alex Turner

Are you a lover not a fighter? Do people listen even when you’re talking bollocks? Is your style as effortless as your charisma? Do you think ‘why put something off until tomorrow, when it can be done the day after tomorrow?’

Then put on your new Skinny Classic Jeans.

Working well on almost everyone but stay clear if you’re a fuller feller. They will intensify any unwanted bulges. They work well with any top/jacket. Always have a rock and roll feel to them, and I think an arty type would wear them.

The Kasabian

Do you walk around the brick wall whilst others bang their heads against it? Are you confused when people spend their lives doing stuff they hate? Do you wait in your seat whilst everyone gets up to queue for a plane with designated seats?

My own creation, Skinny Jodhpurs Jeans are taken from the silhouette of an English WWI soldier and mixed with a skin-tight leg. These suit most figures, though not the shorter-legged amongst you.

Because these are my own creation, the customers I have sold to have all been people looking for something different and unique, so I would definitely say these are more for the Trendsetter. The go getter. The never better.

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