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Your moves are so raw, I've got to let you know.


Raw denim is at the heart of every great pair of Jeans, and in the wardrobe of every Jeanswear lover (and of course, Jeanswear addict)!

It’s the best denim to explore as a designer, and to construct any type of garment! The freedom for the wearer, and sometimes the stiffness helps shape the style works out amazingly.

The term ‘Raw Denim’ derives from the plain fabric that was originally used as work wear in the US from the mid-1800s.

Raw denim used in my designs (Elliott, Francis & Horace Jeans)

The freedom of the denim gives the wearer a unique fit, which means the denim takes on your shape after wearing a few times.

Raw denim was formally non-stretch denim, which was perfect for Menswear…but as fashions changed; more & more Women started wearing Men’s Jeans to get that ‘real denim’ fit and feel. This happened in the 1980s- early 1990s. You can see this is most British 1980/90s based television programs and films (i.e. - This is England). I think this is fascinating, because in the mid-2000s (as a new fashion movement came to the forefront) things had a flip reversal, and now Men started purchasing Women’s Jeans to get a desired unique fit! (You can read all about this in my earlier blogs). Funny how times change!

These two occasions are definitely based around certain music scenes of the time. So for instants, the mid 2000’s had the nu-rave movement (from bands such as Klaxons pictured right).

This movement made the skinny Jeans fashionable. Worn with a mix of neon coloured top, injecting a hint of unique 60s-80s vintage looks (like pussy bow blouses for the Women, and US western plaid shirts) mixed with late 80s-early 90’s rave wear.

Because there was a need for better fitting Jeans in Womenswear, denim companies had to try and cater for them. Having stretch denim was one of the main attributes. The stretch helped to shape the Jeans in the right places on the wearer…to fit the figure perfectly.

It is one of the best things to happen to denim, as now (with most raw denim) you have plenty of leeway to play with. The average stretch is 2%.

The denim was originally only created in blue or indigo, but again as fashions change so does fabric, making it possible to get any colour raw denim you desire. Obviously a lower quality denim (or twill) will give you more colour choices…but of course I am not talking about other denims in this blog, maybe I will do another based on other denims (depending how this one goes).

I am in awe of the quality and style of denims we have available to us…I just can’t wait to get my teeth into as many as I can!!

Live on Raw denim!!

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