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Pleasure-seeking individual always looks his best


In the 1960s Menswear was still all about the suit; but in 1959 a UK Women’s couturier called Hardy Amies launched a line of modern ready-to-wear suits for Men, for a tailoring chain called ‘Hepworth’s’. The suits were slim fit, and became big in both sides of the ocean. One of he’s earlier looks in 1960 was the collarless Jacket (which became The Beatles look in their earlier career).

In London, a new generation of entrepreneurs addressed the demands for the young urban male consumer who wanted to dress differently from their fathers. John Stephen (known as the king of Carnaby Street) was the driving force behind this movement. Part of the swinging scene.

He used materials such as velvet, satin and corduroy which were made into hipster trousers and suits created in bold colours.

People became bored of the cliché of the swinging London look, and by the second half of the 1960s many were involved in the psychedelic drug counterculture (which was originated on the west coast of America). Hippies of this time changed their mainstream fashion for an eclectic mixture of ethnic, exotic, home-made and vintage second-hand clothing in search for their utopia.

Men wore Eastern ethnic jewellery and grow their hair (the longer the better), along with growing a ‘droopy moustache’…this was another look The Beatles made their own. Jimi Hendrix also adopted this look, incorporating it with the styles of the early 60s swinging London and mixing with the hippies look with the ethnic trends. One of he’s statement look was an ethnic embroidery jacket with mohair trim, colourful wide-collar shirt, skin-tight rusty red velvet trousers, worn with a lot of ethnic jewellery.

Men’s style trends of the 1960s:  

Bold hues

Colourful patterns

Fitted line suits

Collarless jackets




Tight-fitting trousers

Second-hand vintage

Flowered shirts

Wide lapels

Ethnic patterns

Biggest 1960s bands that influenced fashion

The Beatles

The Jimi Hendrix experience

Led Zeppelin

The Rolling stones

The Doors

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