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Seamstress for the band, Pretty eyed, Pirate smile.

A visual guide to the jean making process.

01. Design development: Mood board and research.

02. Designing.

03. Technical development: working out the best ways to complete a garment.

04. Pattern development: first stages of pattern cutting. Drawing out the first pattern and adjusting and Grading.

05. Finding the correct fabric: Making sure it has the right stretch and ounce to take on the shape of the Jeans you need 

06. Laying the fabric: Making sure the grain is straight to cut down on twisting.

07. Toile sampling: example of First sample of Maurice Jeans.

08. Cutting garment.

09. Fastening development: example of button and zip flyer.

10. sewing.

11. Sizing: checking the correct size of the garment whilst sewing, through every step of the development.

12. Checking: Making sure that all the stitches are correct and the finished product looks good.

13. Modelling.

14. finished garment: example of custom made Maurice and a customer review.

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