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How to look after your denim


I have been asked a few times on the best ways to look after your denim, to keep the shape and all around look of your Jeans.

I always tell my customers to wear the Jeans as much as possible before washing the Jeans. As long as you’re clean your Jeans will be clean too. There is no need to over wash denim at all, especially if its raw denim, as this normally does not have a lot of stretch. This means it doesn’t have much (or any) elastic inside the fabric (which makes the Jeans misshape after each wash).

Raw denim Jeans are averagely around 95% + cotton with very little stretch. The Jeans I create are normally around 98% cotton and 2% Lycra, but I am looking at creating Jeans with 100% cotton which will benefit, not only my customers but also the environment. I stay away from any denim which has polyester in, as this is one of the main causes of water pollution from people washing clothes. More info

The steps I have put in this blog post are just examples of ways to keep your denim looking new, if you do indeed need to wash them.

Before washing

Putting into a washer, always make sure that the Jeans are inside out and all fastenings are fastened.

Put them on a Eco wash, normally at 30c

Coming out of the wash

Hang up on the washing line by the waist to keep the shape

When fully dry, iron as soon as possible and always press on a medium-low heat

The Jeans after washing,drying and ironing.

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